Withdrawal of ISDN and Analogue lines June 2024 Update

BT have stopped the ordering of Analogue and ISDN lines across most of the country as they continue with their plan to withdraw the products for everyone.

BT had planned to have ceased every Analogue and ISDN line by the end of 2025 but that has now been postponed to January 2027. However the price of the products has been increased and will be increased again in part to encourage people to switch to an alternative product and in part to cover the increased costs of supporting the products.

Customers can migrate their numbers and phone services to a Hosted Solution whether SIP trunks and a physical phone system or a Hosted Telephone System.

For Alarm and CCTV systems customers will need to contact their alarm or CCTV company to go through the alternatives. For EPOS or PDQ machines contact the provider and they will help move the service to use the internet rather than the phone line it was on. Fax machines can be replaced by either if only incoming faxes are needed a fax to email service we can provide or if outgoing faxes are needed then a fax to email provider will be needed

For free advice on what you need to do to prepare for the change and take advantage of the opportunities to improve the way you and your team work contact us