Sole Trader

Whether you’re a sole trader or a huge multinational, effective communications are a must.


Every business wants to be successful, and ensuring that your customers can reach you reliably is essential – even when you’re busy or unavailable.


As a sole trader, we’ll help ensure that you never miss a call or contact – whether that’s because you’re already with a customer, it’s outside of working hours, or you’re on leave…

Potential issues to consider

You’re using multiple contact numbers so that customers can always get hold of you.

Whether you’re in the office, on the move, or even at home, your customers will want to be able to reach you easily, and usually by dialling a main number. So, advertising too many can be off-putting…

Using a mobile number as your main contact might be losing you business.

Advertising just your mobile number can give some people the wrong impression. Because they believe that an established and credible business should have a landline, it may stop them from using you.

You can’t always answer because you’re busy or unavailable.

You don’t have the resources to answer every call and are too reliant on customers leaving you a voicemail. Which means that sometimes the moment is lost.

How we can help you

One number that does it all.

We can set you up with one number that can ring your mobile, home phone, office phone, and any other phone you specify – all at the same time so you never miss a call. And your customers now only have one number to remember!

A geographic (landline) number that diverts to your mobile.

We can set you up with a landline number that automatically diverts to your mobile, creating a more professional image, and providing customers with reassurance.

Tools to help you stay on top of your business even when you can’t pick up.

To help you work smarter, we can set you up with a messaging or divert service that handles your calls when you can’t get to the phone. Available for you to access from your mobile, home phone, or computer, it allows you to manage and control your incoming calls whenever and wherever you are.