Office Relocation

Moving Office? We’ll make sure your telecoms are just the way you want them.


An office relocation usually means there’s plenty to arrange, on top of keeping your business running smoothly and maintaining continuity of service. It needn’t be a fraught experience though. Whether you are expanding or downsizing the business, it’s also the perfect time to reappraise exactly what you need.


We understand the importance of getting even the smallest changes right, and will guide and advise you on the sorts of things you should consider – from opting for the right specifications and configurations, to ensuring that you don’t leave things too late…

Potential issues to consider

Can you take your existing numbers with you?

Having to change contact numbers that you may have had for years can mean your customers are unable to get in touch with you. You may have to reprint all of your office stationery too…

Will your new premises have everything you need?

Many businesses can get as far as finalising contracts on their new premises, still not knowing what telecoms or data services will be available, or if they match their needs. It’s not the best start…

Have you planned ahead?

Deciding that you need something extra once everything is already set up can prove costly and inconvenient. Have you got everything covered…?

Do you have a Plan B, just in case?

Setting up new premises will always involve some disruption. What sort of contingencies do you have in place if things don’t go to plan…?

Will all your telecoms and data be ready from Day 1?

Timescales can become extremely tight and deadlines can be missed, especially if the premises are brand new and complex configurations or installations are required…

How we can help you

Number retention

Historically, it wasn’t possible to keep your numbers when you moved from one exchange to another, but now we can advise of products that let you retain them.

Forward planning and troubleshooting

We’ll help you determine whether your new premises have the right type of, and sufficient, infrastructure to support your requirements – and give you options of what to do if they don’t.

Costs and efficiency appraisal

We’ll help you work out what you need now as well as what you’re likely to need in the future.

Practical advice and recommendations

We’re used to dealing with the common issues that may arise and can provide practical advice and workarounds to keep things running smoothly.

Managing lead time via dedicated project management

We can act as a single point of contact to coordinate and liaise with the various suppliers; ensuring that everything you need is organised in good time and ready to go live on the required date.