Business Telephone Systems

On Premise Systems

Business Telephone Systems traditionally are provided by installing a physical piece of equipment, the phone system, on your premises. This connects all the phones you need on site, via Analogue or ISDN telephone lines, to the phone network. The option has become available to connect certain telephone systems via SIP trunks to the phone network. This utilizes an IP connection, either via broadband or a leased line, to provide connection to the phone network. This has added some additional flexibility and additional features to those available on traditional systems.

Hosted Systems

The main alternative to a physical on site phone system is to have a system that is hosted in the cloud. This can be referred to as VoIP, hosted phone system, hosted PBX or hosted voice. These types of systems have been around since the late 1990’s. The majority of new business telephone systems that are setup are of this type.

A hosted phone system does not involve a physical phone system on site, the main equipment on site now is the telephones. The internet is used to connect all the extensions together, via an IP connection, to the phone network. All the main programming of the system can be done and retained in the cloud. This makes the system easy to setup, easy to access and comparatively easy to change when necessary. The onsite setup is both much less complex and comes with less of an upfront cost than before.

A hosted phone system offers many more built in functions than were available with a traditional phone system. Functions from Call Recording to CRM integration are now available as simple add-ons. Further a hosted system has more options in the event you cannot get into the site for whatever reason or you have a power cut, to automatically divert your calls to a different location or to allow you to access your setup remotely and make changes.

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