What is a Hosted Telephone System?

A Hosted Telephone System is simply a telephone system that is setup in the cloud rather than having it actually at your premises.

In the past a business would have had a box on the wall containing the telephone system. They would also have had analogue or ISDN lines connecting the system to the telephone network. Most issues with the system or any configuration changes would need an engineer to attend site.

With a hosted telephone system the system is essentially software accessed via the internet. The software is kept in multiple secured data centres. Depending on the customer setup calls are made over the broadband or an ethernet circuit by connecting via the software to the telephone network. Most changes to the system can be made without anyone attending site, so can generally be completed quicker.

A Hosted Telephone System may also be referred to by different companies as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Cloud Telephony, Cloud Communications, Cloud PBX, Cloud Phone System, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, Internet Telephony. There are multiple other variations on the name but the way the product works is essentially the same – your calls go over an internet connection.


Benefits of a Hosted System

Cost efficiency, reduced up front expenditure on onsite hardware

Easy scalability, no limit to the number of users or sites that can be integrated into the system

Built in disaster recovery, in the event of anything stopping you working on site you can still receive your calls

Configuration changes can be made easily and quickly

Extra features, anything from call recording to call centre wall boards can be added without huge investment in hardware

Integration with other systems, from CRM systems, and Microsoft Teams to Mobile phones


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