Moving Office

Whether your moving office because your expanding or your moving simply because your current lease has ended you will have a hundred and one things to consider. Your data and telecoms requirements may not be top of your list to check out. However not checking the availability of data and telecoms at your new premises can turn out to be a mistake you can end up regretting.

Depending on where your new premises are depends on the services available. The location can also have a bearing on the cost of obtaining those services. The converted barn in the middle of fields may seem like a lovely setting to work in but if there is no broadband available or it is very slow you may end up admiring the view more than you intended to. Equally some city centre locations do not have the fastest broadband available to them yet.

Depending on where you are in the country and how close you are to the local telephone exchange, will depend on what products are available to you. Contact us, ideally before you sign a lease or buy a premises, and we can advise what the best available products are at any site.

Things to remember

Check Your Current Services

List all your phone lines, internet, fire and burglar or alarm lines, credit card, fax and postage machines. Check that the services you have now are still needed. Establish if or how that need will change at your new location. Consider adding services such as remote working, business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Any services that you are not going to use anymore make sure you make a note to cancel them.

Order telephone and data services

You can retain your existing telephone numbers or redirect them to new numbers if required. If you haven’t checked before, ask us what services are available at the new premises. Different products have different lead times – contact us as soon as possible and we can let you know how much notice you need to allow. Check the new premises and see if there is existing cabling where you need it. Are there floor points where you need them and do you need to increase the number?

Feel free to contact us to discuss what you need in more detail, to find out what products are available or for a quote.