End of ISDN?

BT have proposed fixed dates to withdraw ISDN2e and ISDN30e.

For a number of years the number of ISDN channels has been decreasing as businesses come to upgrade their systems or look to solve technical issues of working across multiple sites or keeping in touch with remote employees. Businesses have looked at the options available and opted for the newer, more flexible and more cost effective technologies. While many businesses may have already made the switch to an alternative technology for those who have not there is a choice to be made.

SIP has established itself as one of the main replacements for ISDN. It can be used with traditional on premise equipment or a third party hosted phone system. It offers quick provisioning, easy expansion, flexible numbering, simple backup routing plans along with lower rental costs.

The other main alternative for ISDN is Hosted. Hosted is a feature rich, flexible cloud based telephone system. It can be easily and quickly expanded, and offers all the functions a traditional phone system would have offered. Hosted also offers many additional features that you can take advantage of at any time. From ring groups across multiple sites to call recording accessible from the same portal you can make changes to your setup from.

There are many options available and many things to consider before making the financial commitment to a new system for your business, whatever the size system you need. For further information and to talk through the options contact us at Cedar Telecom on 01865 595333 with no obligation