Direct Routing for Teams

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business application in Microsoft’s history and is changing the way businesses view collaboration and voice services.

Direct Routing allows you to convert Microsoft Teams into a business grade telephone system with true unified communications capability. It allows you to make calls to businesses and customers throughout the world, route your calls via the internet and telephone network, in a simple cost-effective solution.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is the flexible, accessible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans, allowing you to make calls external to your business from Microsoft Teams.

• Savings – Lower cost alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans and allows you to maximise existing 365 license costs.
• Full connectivity to the telephone network
• Flexibility for Remote Workforce
• Transfer your existing numbers and easily add new numbers
• Quick and simple provisioning and management
• No additional hardware required.
• Carrier grade infrastructure
• High availability – 99.99%
• UK based support

If your business is using or interested in adopting Microsoft Teams and you would like to know more about our Direct Routing Service please call us on 01865 595333 or contact us